★Happy Birthday To Me ★


Well, yesterday is my birthday 11th January 🙂

as usual the day, I went to college. and my friend acting like usually.i  just think like they do not remember my birthday…and then when I got home my friend has made a surprise party for me. haha actually I guess their plan lol. really awkward :/

and here are some pictures 🙂


Ummm i love the rainbow cake

Makee a wishhh!!! 😀


Friendss and family

Really cute birthday card from my friend 😛

Sweet card

Best birthday lunch from McDonald 😀 lol

Thats really cute

The huge purple ted Anddd my birthday wishes??

I am another year older and feeling thankful to be alive.

☞ I wish for my life to be filled with love, family and friends.

☞ Be the best person.

☞ Forever young!

“Your birthday is a special time to

celebrate the gift of ‘you’ to the


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