Happy Valentines day!!!

Woooaaa i kno it’s too late.. but better late than never right? :P  because I was so busy yesterday forgot to say. . .


HAPPY VALENTINE ALL!!! how a date or dinner with your parter yesterday ?? definitely very romantic🙂 I? what about me??? pathetic. I spent the night with my friend kristy hehe valentine sleepover!!! we watch romantic thailand movie😛 my friend who lives in thailand are recommending this movie to me hehe is a very romantic movie (I’ll post bout this movie later ;))

I actually hv bf but he moved to england for college. .. and you know?? i hate long distance relationship: (but its ok. He’s sending me a valentine gift!!! Thats sweet (a little treat grief🙂 )


🙂 sweet

and my friend sean also gave me a gift, I think he still likes me:/ (he is my ex )


so sweet🙂 awww thankyou sean! !! I’ll keep this cupcake!!! This is too cute to eat: P (really !! I dont eat it until now xD )

Anddd yessss I also get a valentine present from kristie!!


She can drawing really good! ! This is very cute! !! thanks kristie i love you mwah!!! I also gv a gift for her😛 a book bout one direction😛 haha hell yess! we are directioners ;P

And i just found ths pic!!


I really hope that if he really said to me:P. If Zayn Malik true to say that to me? omggg ofc I would say YESS with a mouth full of foam and I instantly fainted😄 haha well maybe someday (in my dream)

because I think Valentine’s Day is not just for us to celebrate with the couple. I celebrated with my momma 🙂 though I didnt give anything to her only kiss🙂 happy valentines mom🙂

Andd so i just found this quote pic lol #true quotes


remember!!  You have to love your partner like every day is valentines day🙂

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