Far east movement & Karmin @ Java Soulnation Festival 2013

Its 2.35 in the morningg!!! Too early for blogging huh?? Lol i just back home from java soulnation 2013 concert with my friends . my cousin bought me a ticket for three pass. Lol


he worked as a promoter for the concert. But its too much because I just want to watch Far east movement and karmin :3


Today outfit 😛
concert begins at 5.pm. Soo i go for food first 😛


Umm nom nom japanese food yay

concert begins with a few artists (who I do not know lol)

finally karmin began and… LOL  i just knw if karmin is just stage name xD karmin mean” song ” in latin. .the singer is amy renee and nick lol i just realize.

Heres some picture of karmin..



Amy and nick. .aww theyre awesome!!



I just knew some of they song. Like brokenhearted and hello.
But i love karmin!!! AWESOME!! I LOVE YOU KARMIN

Andddd… this is what I’m waiting!!! FAR EAST MOVEMENT!!!


I love all of them song like aG6, Rocketter,turn up the love.. Etc



The boys!! Lol ohh in the interview they said “we really wanted to be a boy band, but we were not too good looking enough for that” lol
Its ok guys!!! You guys too awesome for becm a boyband haha



I really enjoy ths!!! Thanks guys!!! Youre too awesome

I actually wanted to upload concert video here:( but too bad wordpress says media error smh 😥
Maybe ill upload it too my TUMBLR.

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