ONE!! OK!! ROCK!! 2013 Asia live concert..

finally i got One ok rock ticket concert!! after saving for a month lol


Opening performances with their obligatory intro ‘Idiot Where Should Go’, thousands of people were screaming hysterical welcome Taka Cs. Towards the intro is finished, turn the song ‘Ending Story’ electrifying Field
Swimming Pool Parking Senayan.

Runs out of breath yet thousands of spectators, hits’ Deeper Deeper ‘fierce shouts greeted stomping audience. Feels cold night heats up when the guitarist shreds guitar, Toru breaking night.

“This is our first time to Jakarta are your ready for tonight! “Shouts vocalist .
WOOOOO!!! im screaming till cant breath lol

when it hits’ C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h ‘and’ Be The Light ‘, where the audience was sounding choir began from the beginning to the end of the song. Moreover, live performances the band also recently completed a tour of Europe

it is arguably spectacular.

Taka-sounding vocals consistently maintained from the beginning until the end of the show. Plus appearances personnel Another topnotch also successfully made the audience
so enjoy the course of the concert.

Outside of his live performances, they also entertain Indonesian-speaking audience through the chatter and also a fragment of the song ‘Indonesia Raya’ which floated from the mouth of the bassist, Ryota. All the enhanced with the stage that
simple but cool.


“Indonesia Tanah Airku, Tanah Tumpah Darahku,” Ryota continued singing the song fragments ‘Indonesia Raya’ acclaimed spectator

“Nama saya Taka, saya senang datang ke Jakarta, saya suka sekali nasi goreng, saya cinta kalian,” Taka said were seen wearing T-shirts colored stump Black is trying to introduce themselves to the Indonesian as the other members .. I also yell at him if I love fried rice too LOL so random xD

heres the another picture that i tk.. sorry kinda shaky lol








Total band who has released six albums that sang 16 songs from one half hour their appearance. The hits such as ‘Nothing Helps’,
‘Let’s Take It Someday’, ‘Clock Strikes’ Liar ‘,’ No Scared ‘,’ Re: Make ‘,’ Answer Is Near ‘and’ No Scared ‘ accompany thousands of spectators.

Their appearance was closed through the song ‘The Begining ‘and the encore song’ Wherever You Are ‘. Flags flutter ‘Red and White’ becomes action cover those who welcomed the frenzied shouts the audience. One Ok Rock concert debut in Jakarta, arguably left a lasting impression
for me and the fans.


and do not forget I bought some one ok rock merchandise ..


this is my photo with all personnel one ok rock and other fans ..


thank you for the concert! ! Really really very impressive!! I LOVE YOU ONE OK ROCK !! FIGHTING!!!

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