Dress for Success: Looking Great in College

Whenever I enter a classroom on my college’s campus, the one thing I always notice is how people are dressed. Whether they’re wearing a cute scarf or have on a nice pair of boots, people with impeccable fashion sense always seem to stand out. The other people, who also seem to stand out (but not in a good way) are those who roll out of bed and find their way to the classroom. You know the type — wearing sweatpants, Ugg Boots, a sweatshirt, and a messy sloppy bun. While it’s understandable that it’s college and that dressing like you’re going to a business lunch isn’t exactly a priority, dressing like a complete and utter slob is another story. You can always find comfort in fashion with these easy steps on how to dress up your look. Looking nice for class does not mean waking up 30 minutes before your class begins, and leaving your dorm looking like you’re about to walk the catwalk for a fashion show. All it takes is putting
together a simple look with a few key pieces that you can probably find in your wardrobe. Some of these key pieces that can help you can look pulled together include cute graphics tees, flat boots, scarves, and leather jackets.


A cute graphic tee from Forever 21

Graphic tees, which can be found on websites or in stores like Forever 21, can jazz up a pair of jeans or even leggings. Wearing a graphic tee that
has a cute saying on it or an image of an iconic celebrity gives your outfit personality and is the focal point of the look. An example of a cute look including a graphic tee could be leggings, a pair of Converse sneakers and an open plaid shirt.


Another affordable option from Forever 21

Another option that can spice up your wardrobe for college is a leather jacket. They come in various colors, such as burgundy if you want to be adventurous or black if you want a classic style. They are just as comfortable as sweatshirts, but give your outfit a more polished look. A great place to find leather jackets for affordable prices is Charlotte Russe.


a leather jacket is a basic staple in every wardrobe and can be worn with pretty much anything. Boots and scarf worn together? One trendy look!
The last two items that can dress up any basic outfit are flat boots and scarves. Flat boots look good with leggings or jeans, and can even look nice with a dress and tights if you want to spice up your style. Scarves can also look great with various different outfits .  Printed scarves can
easily give a plain outfit edge and they come in fun prints such as leopard or tribal patterns.
While most people may feel tempted to attend class in the clothes they wore to bed the night before, dressing up not only gives you a boost of
confidence, but slowly prepares you for the real world. While wearing a graphic tee won’t be suitable for a job, it’s slowly getting you out of the routine that consists of sweats and Uggs. Also, looking nice will get you noticed by other students who may be inspired by what you wear.
Dressing for success may seem like a pain now, but once you start looking goo, you’ll never want to go back.
What do you love wearing to class? Let us know
in the comments below!

And This is what i wear to class today.. raining outside..



Ps: i knw that im not great enough for fashion lol 😛

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