The last day in the month of May.


This is the last day in the month of May, my father was sick for the umpteenth time. This hurts. I was not even able to see him in pain like that. I just believe about people who say that this is true love. not only just because couple broken up you . I do!  I do felt it. sick. pain when my father was also ill. Its broke me.

I’ll be honest. I hate this. why you should be sick at the wrong time.
yes you are right! This destiny. I have to be patient. sorry. maybe I’m too selfish. only think of themselves.

I love you dad.
although sometimes I’m annoyed to say rude to you.
I love you more than my boyfriend or my husband might someday.
I love you more than anything.

you know?
I would blame myself and so damn hurt if anything happened to you.
Dad please get well.

you know?
I’m even willing to leave everything for you.

dad ..
I want to see you smile again.
No .. with me ..
I’ll always be with you.



” i love you dad”

Sincerenly, your daddy little girl.